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Smart VIEW+

Smart VIEW+ is an advanced flight-tracking solution providing our customer airlines with opportunity to improve their operational awareness by tracking, monitoring and analyzing events that can disrupt flight operations. Smart VIEW+ provides real-time visualization and monitoring of the airline's fleet. The progress of each flight can be observed on an interactive map. Also, aeronautical, geographical and weather data display and organization tools are built into the product making it an ideal solution for both flight dispatch and management users.

As SmartView+ is a part of Smart AWARE group it alerts and advises users in real-time on decisions when specific thresholds are exceeded. The tool significantly increases situational awareness and gives possibility to respond to potential disruptions.



  • Be aware of flight events in real-time using state-of-the-art visualization technology;
  • Stay alerted and react early in case of any unpredicted events;
  • Provide a complete and comprehensive Flight Following and Flight Watch solution for Flight Dispatchers and other airline operations users;
  • Reduce operational costs.
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Fuel plays major role in modern airline's operating costs. Only a company that does strictly monitor its fuel usage and is aware of the costs, can stay in business.

Numerous factors, such as fuelling, weight and balance, flying practices can seriously affect fuel economy. Flight planning phase is also critical in terms of fuel burn - optimizing the amount of additional fuel in tanks, or choosing proper alternates for the route can save more fuel than one might expect. Getting rid of unnecessary goods, too much potable water or other weight would also result in increased yearly savings on fuel costs.



  • Assess the airline's fuel performance;
  • Assess the workers' performance relative to SOP and Policy adherence;
  • Monitor trends of fuel usage and react as quickly as possible;
  • Motivate workers to optimize their performance to save fuel;
  • Give management the best possible insight into fuel efficiency;
  • Track critical factors affecting fuel efficiency;
  • Reduce emissions and carbon footprint;
  • Be aware of, and respect the environment;
  • Plan future investments;
  • Achieve EU-ETS Compliance.
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In today's commercial aviation world, time is one of the most important profit and success factors. Being on time means not only customer satisfaction and, in effect, customer loyalty. Smart ONTIME also determines costs of slots, handling, and - what is also important - fuel. Being late on the ground always implies necessity of increased fuel burn to minimize the time lag which does not necessarily prevent the late arrival. Smart ONTIME provides a user friendly visual way of monitoring your airline's timing and performance both current and historical. The statistics can be plotted on charts, displayed in tables, consolidated and reported to the proper users.



  • On the fly analysis of your fleet's performance;
  • Getting hold of on-time performance and possible delays in the future;
  • Ability to track weakest points of your operations;
  • Significant improvement of your operation planning capabilities;
  • Ability to customize your statistics to the policies and workflow specifics at your company;
  • Possibility to assess the work of your departments.
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