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The Smart BRIEF is the next generation briefing application that helps your airline in the process of preparinga briefing package (BP). Its goal is to improve your airlines existing procedures. The Smart BRIEF gathers all relevant information from available sources to create a briefing package, which is then distributed to the necessary personnel. With Smart BRIEF you can securely access flight details from any on-line computer with a web browser. The content of your BP can be customized according to airline specific rules and regulations.



  • Increased productivity of employees – reduced crew “Show Times”, and dedicated airport space and IT infrastructure costs;
  • Better communication between departments and users: flight-related documents are distributed automatically;
  • Automation of flight briefing generation process;
  • Reduced operational cost - single tool for WX, NOTAMs, and briefings;
  • Visualization of operation critical data (WX, NOTAMs) with state-of-the-art interactive maps;
  • End-to-End responsibility with Software-as-a-Service solution;
  • A single one-stop-shop for all pre-flight briefing relevant information.
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Smart DOC

Smart DOC module is a convenient and easy to use central repository for all types of operations-related documents. Smart DOC is characterized by a hierarchical "tree" structure where access rights can be assigned at any level. Key files and documents can be stored and sorted in whatever manner an airline wishes, making retrieval fast and efficient.

The airline may also configure the system so that certain key documents must be read by staff based on flexible criteria such as department, departure or arrival station, flight number, etc. The system is further capable of tracking whether the documents have been read on a per user basis. The "Message of the Day" seen by all users at the time of login - provides a convenient method of passing short bulletins to all users. As a part of Smart Suite, Smart DOC integrates seamlessly with all other Smart4Aviation products, e.g. Smart BRIEF and supports the same user-friendly interface and the same ease of use. After being created, a document can be assigned to a group of users.



  • Single repository for all airline documents;
  • Greater control over document delivery, capability to track who has and has not read a document;
  • Increased productivity - key documents available when they are needed;
  • Easy to use Search mechanism.
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No matter the individual's role in the airline, with Smart ALERT, alerts can be established to warn of any operational condition, providing users with a common view of the operation, in real time. Key examples for ground and station personnel are flight cancellations, aircraft changes, delays; for staff concerned with flight watch, alerts such as en-route turbulence and altitude variance can be established. With ACARS pilots can be alerted to changing weather or aerodrome conditions. One can precisely customize types of alerts and conditions for each users group to make sure no user is disturbed with irrelevant information. Real-time flight status can be monitored by adding the integrated Smart OPS module, to provide a complete operations management solution.

Smart ALERT has a powerful and intuitive assignment builder tool built in used to manage and maintain the system functions, access rights, and alerts routing capabilities. With Smart ALERT you provide your airport, maintenance, departure control, SOC, STOC, operations, or back office users a single tool for operational awareness.



  • Optimization of messaging and alerting;
  • Increasing efficiency by precisely filtering information;
  • Tight integration with Smart MET, Smart NOTAM MANAGER, Smart BRIEF, Smart FUELING and all other Smart4Aviation products;
  • Configurable alerting for the operational conditions;
  • Shorter response and reactions times in crisis situations;
  • Filtering of information based on staff responsibilities and duties.
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