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Smart eFORMS

Smart eFORMS is a flexible and customizable platform that can address multiple reporting and work flow requirements and process. The key is eFORMS flexibility. It can be used to replace or augment an existing Air Safety Reporting system or to be used to streamline the gathering and processing of forms and reports required by an airline such as: Air Safety Reports or Voyage Reports. New forms can be quickly created and added as needed in the application. The forms can then be entered and submitted from around the world via web interface or in-flight by crew on board using Class I, II and III devices. Smart eFORMS does not require any modifications on the aircraft side, as the application can run on any EFB device...



  • Configurable forms and workflow;
  • Access to forms in-flight via Electronic Flight Bag;
  • Enhanced Safety Reporting;
  • Data flow cost reduction: reports are sent directly to Smart Suite, no connection costs;
  • Every report stored in a common database;
  • Paperless reporting;
  • Enhancing communication between departments;
  • Decrease crew reporting effort;
  • Data safety and integrity ensured;
  • Easy monitoring of any changes;
  • Reports are quickly filled in and submitted, reducing human errors;
  • Central database for analysis and statistical reporting.
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In today's commercial aviation world, time is one of the most important profit and success factors. Being on time means not only customer satisfaction and, in effect, customer loyalty. Smart ONTIME also determines costs of slots, handling, and - what is also important - fuel. Being late on the ground always implies necessity of increased fuel burn to minimize the time lag which does not necessarily prevent the late arrival. Smart ONTIME provides a user friendly visual way of monitoring your airline's timing and performance both current and historical. The statistics can be plotted on charts, displayed in tables, consolidated and reported to the proper users.



  • On the fly analysis of your fleet's performance;
  • Getting hold of on-time performance and possible delays in the future;
  • Ability to track weakest points of your operations;
  • Significant improvement of your operation planning capabilities;
  • Ability to customize your statistics to the policies and workflow specifics at your company;
  • Possibility to assess the work of your departments.
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Smart LOAD

The Smart LOAD is a state-of-the-art web based visual aircraft weight and balance program meant for all sizes of airlines. Being integrated with various sources such as flight data, crew data and load information the Smart LOAD can support and monitor the airline's whole load planning process.

The powerful yet simple to use tool to support, improve quality and productivity of your load control departments.



  • Optimize payloads;
  • Reduce fuel costs;
  • Reduce personnel training costs;
  • Improve calculations;
  • Increase load control department productivity;
  • Worldwide access to weight and balance data;
  • Maximized correct load and optimized fuel burn;
  • Improved safety by reducing the error potential;
  • Cross checks warn personnel of potential problems before they occur;
  • Standardized processes boost efficiency;
  • Information provision across a network - the right information on time where it is needed;
  • Reduce turnaround times;
  • Optimized fuel tankering scenarios;
  • Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) in combination with Smart Suite.
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