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Smart FUELING is a sophisticated and flexible application designed to automate airline fuel ordering processes. As soon as a weight and balance data and fuel requirements from the flight planning system are known, Smart FUELING automatically generates a fuel order and sends it (via fax, SITA, or email) to the designated fuel supplier for the proper station. The system also provides fuel tank distributions based on airline provided limits and thresholds. Rules for inhibiting the automatic sending of fuel orders can be established where user intervention is required.

Because Smart FUELING is a fully integrated add-on module of Smart BRIEF, all of the fuel order information is available in summary and detailed views within Smart BRIEF. A detailed fuel order history is also kept.

The Smart FUELING initial fuel order feature allows airlines to pre-fuel their flights based on statistical fuel amounts but hold off final fuel orders until the actual aircraft weight is known thus reducing the cost of over-fueling for payload that was originally estimated, but never actually boarded.



  • NOTAM sets tailored to airline's needs and stored in the System;
  • Readable NOTAM briefing accessible to wide range of users;
  • Source of reliable information for Smart BRIEF and Smart AWARE;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Increased accuracy and prevention of human errors thanks to automated processing.
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Fuel plays major role in modern airline's operating costs. Only a company that does strictly monitor its fuel usage and is aware of the costs, can stay in business.

Numerous factors, such as fuelling, weight and balance, flying practices can seriously affect fuel economy. Flight planning phase is also critical in terms of fuel burn - optimizing the amount of additional fuel in tanks, or choosing proper alternates for the route can save more fuel than one might expect. Getting rid of unnecessary goods, too much potable water or other weight would also result in increased yearly savings on fuel costs.



  • Assess the airline's fuel performance;
  • Assess the workers' performance relative to SOP and Policy adherence;
  • Monitor trends of fuel usage and react as quickly as possible;
  • Motivate workers to optimize their performance to save fuel;
  • Give management the best possible insight into fuel efficiency;
  • Track critical factors affecting fuel efficiency;
  • Reduce emissions and carbon footprint;
  • Be aware of, and respect the environment;
  • Plan future investments;
  • Achieve EU-ETS Compliance.
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Smart LOAD

The Smart LOAD is a state-of-the-art web based visual aircraft weight and balance program meant for all sizes of airlines. Being integrated with various sources such as flight data, crew data and load information the Smart LOAD can support and monitor the airline's whole load planning process.

The powerful yet simple to use tool to support, improve quality and productivity of your load control departments.



  • Optimize payloads;
  • Reduce fuel costs;
  • Reduce personnel training costs;
  • Improve calculations;
  • Increase load control department productivity;
  • Worldwide access to weight and balance data;
  • Maximized correct load and optimized fuel burn;
  • Improved safety by reducing the error potential;
  • Cross checks warn personnel of potential problems before they occur;
  • Standardized processes boost efficiency;
  • Information provision across a network - the right information on time where it is needed;
  • Reduce turnaround times;
  • Optimized fuel tankering scenarios;
  • Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) in combination with Smart Suite.
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