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Today, in modern airline operations, the volume of NOTAM information can be overwhelming. Smart NOTAM MANAGER is designed to improve and automate NOTAMs processing, e.g. production, storage, distribution, and retrieval of NOTAM in full compliance with ICAO standards.

Its main goal is to provide all necessary flight related NOTAMs in a customized format, sorted and displayed to the user's needs, while removing NOTAMS not relevant for Flight Crews. Smart NOTAM MANAGER integrates seamlessly with other Smart4Aviation products, e.g. Smart COMM, providing the same user-friendly interface. All processed NOTAM information enhanced by Smart NOTAM MANAGER, is used in briefing and can be alerted by Smart AWARE.



  • NOTAM sets tailored to airline's needs and stored in the System;
  • Readable NOTAM briefing accessible to wide range of users;
  • Source of reliable information for Smart BRIEF and Smart AWARE;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Increased accuracy and prevention of human errors thanks to automated processing.
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Smart OPS

The Smart OPS module provides a complete "day of" schedule and fleet management solution displaying real-time flight, aircraft, and schedule operations information (flight status, operational times, briefing package, MELs, messages, alerts, etc.) through an interactive Gantt bar display.

All operations relevant flight details are available with just one-click of a mouse. Smart OPS displays can be filtered manually by ad-hoc user selections, or automatically by user role configuration/interface, to suit any specific user or user group's interest. As Smart OPS integrates seamlessly with all other Smart4Aviation modules it may serve as a one-stop-shop for all flight-related functionality.



  • Straightforward flight monitoring;
  • Shorter response and reactions times in unexpected situations;
  • Decrease communication costs;
  • Enhance communication between departments;
  • Flight Movement messages automation;
  • Improve fleet management;
  • Access to other Smart Suite's modules from one place;
  • Reported fuel monitoring.
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The Smart ULD MANAGER offers event-driven ULD tracking and monitoring functionality that has been proven to significantly improve the management of both global and local ULD inventories. Driven by external messages such as UCM, SCM, LDM, CPM and MVT, ULD Control provides an instant overview of your stock all over the world. Existing Smart Suite user profiles can be extended with special rights for producing internal load control messages and stock and damage reports. The Smart ULD MANAGER lets you easily manage your inventory and filter and track ULDs basing on their specific attributes and the detailed history of each ULD's change.



  • Reduce cost of ULD management;
  • Optimize ULD distributions;
  • Automate ULD-related processes;
  • Locate and globally keep track of your ULDs;
  • Increase load control department productivity;
  • Increase outstation productivity;
  • Worldwide access to ULD data;
  • Less effort with ULD-related reporting and comparison;
  • Minimize human errors.
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