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The Smart BRIEF is the next generation briefing application that helps your airline in the process of preparinga briefing package (BP). Its goal is to improve your airlines existing procedures. The Smart BRIEF gathers all relevant information from available sources to create a briefing package, which is then distributed to the necessary personnel. With Smart BRIEF you can securely access flight details from any on-line computer with a web browser. The content of your BP can be customized according to airline specific rules and regulations.



  • Increased productivity of employees – reduced crew “Show Times”, and dedicated airport space and IT infrastructure costs;
  • Better communication between departments and users: flight-related documents are distributed automatically;
  • Automation of flight briefing generation process;
  • Reduced operational cost - single tool for WX, NOTAMs, and briefings;
  • Visualization of operation critical data (WX, NOTAMs) with state-of-the-art interactive maps;
  • End-to-End responsibility with Software-as-a-Service solution;
  • A single one-stop-shop for all pre-flight briefing relevant information.
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Great in-flight service is what makes a passengers journey safe and enjoyable Smart BRIEF CABIN provides cabin crews with all flight, service delivery, crew scheduling, and pairing information centralized in one easy-to-access, web-based portal, tailored to the schedule of each individual employee.



Smart BRIEF CABIN was designed as a web-based solution to make cabin crew information available at the airport, in a hotel or at home. Now, a mobile version of the product is also available. Guaranteeing the same security, having the same usability, briefings, user's pairing details or calendar can be easily viewed on a mobile phone.


  • Quality briefing: the application provides most complete, accurate, and current information available;
  • All operational documents stored within one system;
  • Improved operational processes: reduced crew "Show Times";
  • Less field for human errors - improved safety;
  • Better informed crew - better customer service;
  • Reduced cost - less paperwork on board, better efficiency and time saving.
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A delay in a scheduled flight may result a significant increase operating costs. It is estimated that a delay will result in an additional cost of approximately 25-75 EUR/min.

Flight delay results in increased crew cost, passenger and baggage misconnection cost, aircraft maintenance, gate cost and other additional time costs. In order to reduce the time cost, Airlines may in some circumstances be required to accelerate some flights, which result in a higher fuel burn, thus higher fuel cost. Smart MISSION MANAGER allows the operators to find the optimal arrival time which will minimize the overall flight cost.



  • Increased operational awareness;
  • Reduction of company operational costs;
  • Reduced misconnected passengers and misconnected baggage costs;
  • Reduced crew cost;
  • Improved on-time performance;
  • Improved overall operational efficiency.
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