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Today, in modern airline operations, the volume of NOTAM information can be overwhelming. Smart NOTAM MANAGER is designed to improve and automate NOTAMs processing, e.g. production, storage, distribution, and retrieval of NOTAM in full compliance with ICAO standards.

Its main goal is to provide all necessary flight related NOTAMs in a customized format, sorted and displayed to the user's needs, while removing NOTAMS not relevant for Flight Crews. Smart NOTAM MANAGER integrates seamlessly with other Smart4Aviation products, e.g. Smart COMM, providing the same user-friendly interface. All processed NOTAM information enhanced by Smart NOTAM MANAGER, is used in briefing and can be alerted by Smart AWARE.



  • NOTAM sets tailored to airline's needs and stored in the System;
  • Readable NOTAM briefing accessible to wide range of users;
  • Source of reliable information for Smart BRIEF and Smart AWARE;
  • Increased productivity;
  • Increased accuracy and prevention of human errors thanks to automated processing.
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Smart eFORMS

Smart eFORMS is a flexible and customizable platform that can address multiple reporting and work flow requirements and process. The key is eFORMS flexibility. It can be used to replace or augment an existing Air Safety Reporting system or to be used to streamline the gathering and processing of forms and reports required by an airline such as: Air Safety Reports or Voyage Reports. New forms can be quickly created and added as needed in the application. The forms can then be entered and submitted from around the world via web interface or in-flight by crew on board using Class I, II and III devices. Smart eFORMS does not require any modifications on the aircraft side, as the application can run on any EFB device...



  • Configurable forms and workflow;
  • Access to forms in-flight via Electronic Flight Bag;
  • Enhanced Safety Reporting;
  • Data flow cost reduction: reports are sent directly to Smart Suite, no connection costs;
  • Every report stored in a common database;
  • Paperless reporting;
  • Enhancing communication between departments;
  • Decrease crew reporting effort;
  • Data safety and integrity ensured;
  • Easy monitoring of any changes;
  • Reports are quickly filled in and submitted, reducing human errors;
  • Central database for analysis and statistical reporting.
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A delay in a scheduled flight may result a significant increase operating costs. It is estimated that a delay will result in an additional cost of approximately 25-75 EUR/min.

Flight delay results in increased crew cost, passenger and baggage misconnection cost, aircraft maintenance, gate cost and other additional time costs. In order to reduce the time cost, Airlines may in some circumstances be required to accelerate some flights, which result in a higher fuel burn, thus higher fuel cost. Smart MISSION MANAGER allows the operators to find the optimal arrival time which will minimize the overall flight cost.



  • Increased operational awareness;
  • Reduction of company operational costs;
  • Reduced misconnected passengers and misconnected baggage costs;
  • Reduced crew cost;
  • Improved on-time performance;
  • Improved overall operational efficiency.
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