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Convenient and easy-to-use central repository
for all types of operations related documents.

Advanced access rights management

Content delivered to users assigned individually, according to groups/roles,
or by other criteria such as departure / arrival station or flight number.

Efficient management of the company information

The system settings allow users to mark certain key documents as obligatory for specific staff groups or members, based on flexible criteria such as department, departure or arrival station, flight number, etc.

The system is also capable of tracking whether the documents have been read by particular users and has advanced search mechanism combining a wide range of criteria with a friendly interface. S4A Smart DOC is equipped with automatic archiving functionality based on individual parameters of each document.

Adjusted to Airline needs

It is characterized by a hierarchical structure where access rights can be managed and assigned at any level. Key files and documents can be stored and sorted in whatever manner an airline desires which allows their retrieval in fast and easy manner.

S4A Smart DOC Mobile

Your airlines library on your EFB/Mobile with all flight operational related documents structured accordingly.

Mobile extension synchronizes company and personal documents stored on mobile devices with their most recent versions available in the central database. 
Updates are processed seamlessly and can be easily identified by cockpit and cabin crew alike. 
Users can view, search and annotate manuals digitally on their mobile device. It can include different type of airline’s documents, such as: 

Flight Briefing Documents

Aircraft Technical Bulletins

Messages Files

Station information

and many others

The system highlights differences between versions, stores update information in audit trail logs, and allows users to choose between manual or automatic synchronization modes. The EFB and mobile interface provides users offline access to documents during their flight.

Key Features

  • Various types of files: Flight Briefing Documents, Aircraft Technical Bulletins (ATBs), Messages, Standard document files (doc, pdf, etc.), Station information (contacts, etc.)
  • Content delivered to users assigned individually, according to groups/roles, or by other criteria such as departure / arrival station or flight number
  • Advanced access rights management
  • Intuitive hierarchical structure with multilevel access control
  • Effective one-way communication with all users
  • Automatic archiving based on individual parameters of each document
  • Tracking of document reading status per user


Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures

The flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures

Improved Operational Awareness

Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay

Reduced Flight Disruption Risk

Providing pilots and ground personnel with up-to-date inflight and on-route information

Mobile Access

Critical information entered real-time at the source

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Increased regulatory compliance
& improved safety


S4A Smart DOC can be accessed from any web browser
or provided as dedicated mobile application.

Web Browser

Operational Panel


iPad App

Mobile Web

Mobile Browser

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