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S4A Smart LOAD application is the world’s leading exception-based, visual load planning system, providing the best aircraft weight and balance solution in the industry.

Centralized load planning

The system fully automates and optimizes the load planning activity, engaging agents only when loading irregularities occur or contradictory economic decisions are to be made. This unprecedented level of automation allows for significant productivity gains.
S4A Smart LOAD’s advanced algorithms can also return significant fuel savings through improved center of gravity calculations.
Fully integrated with all key airline systems involved in the loading process, S4A Smart LOAD supports, automates and monitors the entire airline weight and balance and loading process, start to finish.


Available for everyone

Suitable for airlines of all sizes, S4A Smart LOAD is an extremely powerful yet simple to use solution, supporting both centralized and de-centralized airline load control models. The system perfectly combines the needs of airport ground operations departments and handling companies working in a multi-customer environment and with multi-role capability, including dispatch, load agent, freight, ramp agent, cockpit, engineer, etc.

Tight integration with S4A Smart COMM

Through the union of the S4A Smart LOAD and S4A Smart COMM applications, loading restrictions, irregularity handling, and direct communication are no longer challenges for any Airline.

The key is the automation

Automated Load Process

S4A Smart LOAD provides Automated Load Process functionality, which allows automation of the entire load process – from booked passenger and cargo data through to aircraft take-off. The system automatically computes and verifies all weight and balance regulations and airline business rules concerning cargo compatibility, baggage segregation, dangerous goods and MEL items handling.

The use of Load Preference tables enable administrators to configure the preferred position of specific types of baggage and/or cargo. This automated approach allows load control departments to focus on the loading exceptions only, significantly increasing productivity and consistency.

In the event it is impossible to load all manifested cargo, the system considers pre-defined priorities for specific commodity codes and bumps cargo based on the airline priorities and configured bumping rules.

Automated Balance Targeting the Best Center of Gravity

During the entire load process, the system checks if the center of gravity is within limits. Moreover, during the automated process the system includes the optimum center of gravity location provided by the AHM Configuration.

Therefore the system is capable to optimize your fuel economy per aircraft/fleet up to 3% of overall fuel burn savings.

S4A Smart LOAD also displays a fuel vector indicating how the center of gravity changes at the time when fuel is burnt. specific commodity codes and bumps cargo based on the airline configured bumping rules.

Tangible Benefits

By using the Smart LOAD application the following benefits can be achieved: 
  • Fuel Savings for optimum center of gravity location 
  • Accurate zero-fuel-weight planning versus actual zero-fuel-weight of the aircraft 
  • Optimization of the Galley and Potable water carriage per flight sector 
  • Improvement of on-time performance, which reduces delay costs 
  • Turnaround time reduction due to minimum effort for flight crew to complete LFC’s
  • Increase in productivity of employees (One Load planner can handle 60-80 flights per shift easily)
  • Increase service due to OTP optimization
  • Data integrity
  • Safety improvements (Single source data, Avoidance of manual entries and typing errors, Cross check optimizations)

Key Features

  • Fully automated Load Process, with error/exception notification
  • Perfectly unifies needs from Ground Ops and Ramp/Handling companies
  • Connection and data exchange with Flight Planning Systems (FPS), minimizing error potential by constantly checking aircraft, runway and company limitations
  • Perfect unification of needs from airport ground operations departments and handling companies working in a multi-client environment
  • Multi-role interface (dispatch, weight and balance, freight, ramp, cockpit and other roles predefined by the client)
  • Connection and data exchange with any Smart4Aviation or external Departure Control System (DCS)
  • Exception handling and integration with S4A Smart COMM for user Alerting
  • Intuitive operation keeps learning time short and boosts efficiency by reducing error potential
  • Full automation of weight and balance manual restrictions capabilities
  • Automated IRROPs handling
  • Automated Loading Instruction regeneration
  • Worldwide access to weight and balance data
  • Automated load distribution, transit load handling
  • AHM Management
  • IATA standard weight and balance documents available worldwide
  • FAA approved and compliant with EASA
  • Easy to use process wizard interface with drag & drop facility
  • Automated load planning and center of gravity optimization
  • EZFW/EZFM statistical load prediction
  • ACARS integration
  • Cargo compatibility tables
  • Load preference
  • Dangerous goods handling
  • MEL handling
  • Autopositioning of bagage & cargo to achieve optimal load distribution
  • Instant creation and adaption of any aircraft for weight and balance purposes as required
  • Automated EZFW generation for Flight Planning systems
  • Dangerous Goods checks and special provisions applied automatically
  • Adaptive Baggage Plan generation (including connecting baggage segregation)
  • All flight related, weight and balance events stored in a user friendly Event log
  • Automated post-flight message generation (UCM, CPM, LDM, etc.)
  • Load Statistical data
  • Fuel suppliers database (for automated fuel order generation)
  • Flexible configuration

S4A Smart LOAD Webinar

Take a look and read case study written by Brian Watson (Manager, Weight and Balance at Alaska) and check how Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air improve their weight and balance process and much more…

Read it

Case Study was published on AircraftIT magazine.

Check Alaska Airlines Case Study

"The most popular feature of the system has been peer-to-peer messaging. It works much like text messaging and supports quick communication between workgroups. The real benefit is that the user doesn’t need to know who in particular is working a flight in order to send a message. Messages can be addressed to various roles that are assigned to a specific flight. This feature has increased the speed and accuracy of communication, while also reducing the number of phone calls between workgroups."
Brian Watson - Manager Weight&Balance, Alaska Airlines

"Automation has brought fundamental productivity improvements to the Weight & Balance process at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. The previous manual system supported 16-18 flights per load agent per shift. S4A Smart LOAD supports 60-80, of which 70-90% are generated without requiring human intervention. Automation utilized for planned bags has also improved accuracy, with human intuition replaced by comprehensive algorithms based on historical data. The system has also proven to be scalable and robust to meet a growing flight schedule with over twice the number of flights supported since inception."
Will Marken  - Software Development Manager – Airport Operations (ITS), Alaska Airlines

Smart LOAD Mobile

The Smart LOAD Mobile solution offers a range of features designed to optimize the workload for ramp agents and other users involved in the aircraft turnaround process. This includes automatic flight assignment, easy flight search, and quick access to essential details for both departing and arriving flights. 

The progressive web application, designed for smartphones and tablets, streamlines airline ramp agent tasks and provides unprecedented access to crucial data, improving communication and overall operational efficiency.

Some of the key features include:
- Automatic Flight Assignment - Smart LOAD Mobile can automatically assign flights to users if a rostering system is in place, ensuring that the right people are working on the correct flights.

- Easy Flight Search - With an intuitive interface, users can quickly search for flights and access their assigned flights without any hassle.

- Comprehensive Flight Information - Smart LOAD Mobile provides a complete overview of all necessary information for each flight, including:
  • Planned and actual payload and its distribution
  • Summary of planned/actual loading changes
  • Aircraft W&B parameters (actual and limiting values)
  • Information about crew, pantry, potable water, fuel, and passengers
  • Details of dangerous and special load items
  • Applicable MEL/CDL restrictions
  • Documents (LIR, NOTOC, Fuel Slip, Loadsheet, etc.)
  • Messages (LDM, CPM, UCM, etc.)
  • Contacts of other users working with the flight

- Payload Management and Confirmation - Users can manage the actual payload distribution while ensuring optimal safety and efficiency. Digital acknowledgment or rejection of the Loadsheet and NOTOC is also under implementation.

- Fuel and Passenger Updates - Ramp agents and flight crews can update and confirm final fuel figures, while ramp/passenger agents or cabin crews can update and confirm final passenger numbers and distribution.

- Warning and Error Notifications - Smart LOAD Mobile provides relevant warning and error notifications to users, ensuring that issues are promptly addressed.

- Configurable Access Rights and Permissions - The solution allows for customizable access rights and permissions, ensuring that users have the appropriate level of access to information.

S4A Smart LOAD Components


Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Fuel Economy

Aiming through automation for the optimum center of gravity per aircraft/fleet, system can optimize your fuel economy up to 3%

Increased Utilization of Manpower and Aircraft

Through advanced communication and automation for improved optimization of all flight related activities

Optimization & Maximization Of Payloads

Supports and monitors the complete planning & load process while optimizes the aircraft center of gravity

Improved Operational Awareness

Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay

Flight Safety Reduced Risk

Immediate alerting of hazards and events affecting safety of flight

Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures

The flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures

Management By User-Defined Exception Rules

Alerts and rules are fully customizable based upon company policies & standards

Less Errors Due To Automation

Critical information entered real-time at the source

Improves Cross-Departmental Communications & Operational Complexity

The right information being delivered to the right person or aircraft at the right time allowing for response and reaction

Reduction In Aircraft Turn-Time

Improved collaboration on operational problems by delivery of critical information without delay

Ability To Exchange Real-Time Information Among All Airline Branches

Improve organizational and aircraft communication through electronic data exchange


S4A Smart LOAD can be accessed from any web browser.

Web Browser

Operational Panel

Mobile Web

Mobile Browser

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