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Designed to improve and automate generation, processing,
storage, distribution, and retrieval of NOTAMs.

Only relevant information

The system parses and provides only the necessary flight relevant NOTAMs,
sorted and displayed in a customized format.

Processing Automation

NOTAM processing can be fully automated, providing NOTAM specialists with processing alerts and logs, or triggered manually in case of specific user needs. The automation can be tailored by NOTAM Publisher, Q-Code, content, or by custom groupings. Processing alerts can also be generated on erroneous content, Q-Code mismatch, or NOTAM size.

Briefing Package

Sophisticated and powerful system rules can be applied to determine NOTAM exclusion/inclusion in flight Briefing Packages. This is managed through comprehensive rules based on NOTAM Publisher, keyword/key phrase, Q-code, or NOTAM groups predefined by the user.

The system parses and provides only the necessary flight relevant NOTAMs, sorted and displayed in a customized format.

Key Features

  • Gathering NOTAMs from multiple sources (for expediency and redundancy)
  • NOTAM filtering
  • Advanced NOTAM parsing and processing
  • Sophisticated NOTAM management
  • Enhanced NOTAM briefing
  • Customized browsing and sorting
  • Colouring of key words
  • NOTAM editing
  • NOTAM comparing
  • NOTAM history control
  • NOTAM bulletin creation and automatic distribution
  • A reliable and condensed source of information for Smart BRIEF
  • Two-way information exchange with other S4A products


Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Improved Regulatory Compliance & Flight Safety

Information is entered at the source, eliminating errors and insures safety and integrity of this information

Improved Operational Awareness

Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay

Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures

The flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures

Management By User-Defined Exception Rules

Alerts and rules are fully customizable based upon company policies & standards

Mobile Access

Critical information entered real-time at the source

Proactive Decision Making

Alerts are fully customizable & increased efficiency by precise filtering of information

Less Errors Due To Automation

Critical information entered real-time at the source


S4A Smart NOTAM MANAGER can be accessed from any web browser (with adjusted GUI
for smaller displays) or provided as dedicated mobile application.

Web Browser

Operational Panel


iPad App


Tablet App

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