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Next-generation briefing application that helps your airline in the process of preparing Briefing Packages (BPs).

Improving existing procedures in your airline!

S4A Smart BRIEF gathers relevant information from different sources to seamlessly creates a briefing package and delivers it to the right person at the right time.

The flight plan contents, including weather and NOTAM information, can be configured according to your airline’s specific rules and regulations. No matter where you are, our product allows you to securely access up-to-date flight plan information anywhere and anytime, using web browser. Like all of our products, S4A Smart BRIEF is role based, enabling your flight crew to access the pertinent information with a single click.

Briefing packages are tailored to each flight plan with emphasis being given to the information of importance to the pilot. With our briefing system, which includes merging, filtering and highlighting of weather and NOTAMs, the briefing pack size is reduced and a much-improved flight briefing experience is delivered to your flight crew. S4A Smart BRIEF is continuously being improved with feedback from our clients and as a result, is an industry favourite!


With S4A Smart BRIEF, you are able to define flight selectors based on various criteria such as flight stations, FIR, ETOPS, etc. You can also set rules to specify when and to whom a BP should be automatically sent. These rules may also be used to customize the content of automatically generated BPs. The airline staff can always update the briefing content manually.

Built-in S4A Smart VIEW

S4A Smart VIEW is a basic version of Smart VIEW+ (S4A's flight tracking and monitoring solution) which visualise fligt data on an interactive, dynamic map. The built-in weather and NOTAM monitoring features make it an ideal solution for both dispatch and flight crew.

It gives access to operational data, flight-related information and overlay objects like Airports, Runways, Navigation aids, Flight status, Airspace, Airways/routes, Weather information, ETOPS information.

S4A Smart BRIEF Mobile

S4A Smart BRIEF Mobile has been streamlined to be used in the cockpit. It is available on iPad based devices.

The application is designed for what pilots need in today’s connected aviation environment. An efficient means of providing quick access to Briefing Package, S4A Smart BRIEF provides access to all flight-related information including the most up to date Weather and NOTAMs required to execute all flight-related tasks.

Besides displaying the complete Briefing Package, the following submodules comprise S4A Smart BRIEF Mobile:
Capability to complete all waypoint related data and thus keep track of the flight’s progress in the en route phase. It features recalculation of times and fuel-on-board values, as well as the ability to add or delete waypoints to customize a route. NAVLOG integrates with the flight planning system and presents the entire flight from pushback to arrival including all flight specific waypoints and airways. It allows for easy flight progress reporting and deviation. Re-routing is easily managed by our worldwide navigational database.
Full access to worldwide weather information and flight related NOTAMs, displayed using custom formats and automated rules all managed by your support staff. This includes the highlighting of key words in a range of colours to emphasize key information for increased awareness.
Developed specifically as a flight crew fuel ordering solution. It is integrated with the flight planning system to present the fuel and weight values in an interactive way, allowing the flight crew to order fuel and make last minute changes using the EFB/Mobile device. The crew can order additional fuel based on airline specific rules and send this request directly to the fuel supplier and flight dispatch when required. Fuel and weight values are calculated within the application base on aircraft specific and/or flight plan limitations. This module enables communication between pilots, dispatchers, fuellers, handling agents, and many other operational users while including a full electronically auditable archive.
One click access to the filed ICAO flight plan taken directly from the OFP. It is immediately accessible and can be copied/exported for overlay onto a route chart or map.
(IFR and ATIS) is a handy tool that allows noting and storing ATIS and ATC clearances. You can use a stylus or finger to write your changes or notes on the screen.
Flight crew acceptance. S4A Smart BRIEF Mobile provides an easy means for mandatory acceptance of the OFP by the operational flight crew.

Key Features

  • Context-sensitive weather and NOTAMs monitoring
  • Interactive maps with flight-related information (ETOPS, WX trends, etc.)
  • Single Sign-On feature for all integrated modules
  • Real-time airline operations view 
  • Visualisation of flight on the map powered by Smart VIEW component
  • Integration with crew rostering system
  • Ability to retrieve Briefing Packages with a mobile device – S4A Smart BRIEF Mobile
  • Automatic releasing of flights and sending of briefing packages
  • Customizable, flight-dependent content for Briefing Packages
  • Intuitive flight list with innovative search engine
  • Integrated map generator with innovative maps
  • Support for multiple roles

S4A Smart BRIEF Components


Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Increased Utilization of Manpower and Aircraft

Through advanced communication and automation for improved optimization of all flight related activities

Improved Operational Awareness

Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay

Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures

The flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures

Reduced Flight Disruption Risk

Providing pilots and ground personnel with up-to-date inflight and on-route information

Management By User-Defined Exception Rules

Alerts and rules are fully customizable based upon company policies & standards

Mobile Access

Critical information entered real-time at the source

Less Errors Due To Automation

Critical information entered real-time at the source


S4A Smart BRIEF can be accessed from any web browser (with adjusted GUI
for smaller displays) or provided as dedicated mobile application.

Web Browser

Operational Panel


iPad App

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