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Dynamic real-time airline schedule
and fleet management solution.

Single source of data

This extraordinary tool simplifies the management of all aircraft movements and is the single source of all flight and operational information.

Effectively manage your corporate flight schedule

It is fully integrated with all operational domains to ensure all relevant information is represented and available to the user.

Interactive Gantt Bar Display

The Gantt view displays the schedule and aircraft as sorted by user preference, departure time, fleet type, etc. Flight bars provide users with all relevant operational information in simple, interactive dropdown menus.

The point, click and hovering actions give immediate access to the current and future operational fleet and schedule statuses. Additionally, if desired, financial information can also be accessed easily.

Flight bars are presented in unique, fully customizable color coding which changes to display current flight status such as planned, delayed taxiing, holding bay, deicing bay, return to gate, airborne, airborne return, diversion and all key operational milestones.

Simulation mode

S4A Smart OPERATIONS MANAGER includes a simulation mode that offers the user the ability to review change scenarios. It can also perform a comprehensive integrity analysis of the proposed change, scrutinizing the schedule, cost, OTP, aircraft type and configuration, MELs flight routing, time ETOPS, RNP, range, payload , station restrictions, curfews, maintenance checks, etc.


S4A Smart OPERATIONS MANAGER can easily alert these potential problems, challenging the user to make the best possible decision prior to final publication. The system alerts the user automatically when certain milestones are not achieved, i.e. potential delays, retrieval of the Briefing Package, fuel ordering, load sheet acceptance, etc.
This alerting feature is further enhanced by integration with our S4A Smart COMM solution to completely streamline, simplify and enhance your entire airline communication process.

Key Features

  • Primary or secondary source of operational flight data
  • Two working modes: normal and simulation with undo/redo options and testing of complex IRROPS recovery scenarios
  • Source of data for 3rd party systems
  • Advanced limitation rule mechanism
  • Advanced validation of movement data, recalculations and warnings
  • Configurable curfews and curfew exclusions
  • Intelligent advice about any implications and costs of proposed changes or opportunities
  • Tight integration with S4A Smart COMM



Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Reduction In Aircraft Turn-Time

Improved collaboration on operational problems by delivery of critical information without delay

Improved Operational Awareness

Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay

Improved Recover From Irregularities & Unpredicted Situations

Immediate and effective response to all related irregular operations

Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures

The flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures

Information Available For Pro-active Decision Making

Alerts delivered on-time as they occur allowing for early reaction in the case of any unpredicted events

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Increased regulatory compliance
& improved safety

Ability To Exchange Real-Time Information Among All Airline Branches

Improve organizational and aircraft communication through electronic data exchange


S4A Smart OPERATIONS MANAGER can be accessed from any web browser.

Web Browser

Operational Panel

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