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Introducing S4A Smart PORTAL

S4A Smart PORTAL is a unique platform of solutions which integrates all Smart4Aviation modules, each of which remains is interoperable, compatible and can be specifically tailored the customer's operational and business requirements.

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Modular approach

Smart4Aviation provides many different modules which are interoperable, compatible and can be freely assembled into the one system.

The modules work as basic building blocks which can be used to construct the system that will be tailored to the customer’s needs and match their exact requirements. The customer only pays for what they really require, no more, no less.

The backbone of S4A Smart PORTAL

Regardless of the selected systems, the following core modules will be delivered as part of the standard installation.

S4A Smart PORTAL is a common entry point for all airline business operational units. It works as an integration layer between other S4A modules and third-party systems, collecting and assembling data scattered across different systems. Smart PORTAL offers a comprehensive set of features, including:
  • Easy switching between owned S4A modules
  • Single Sign-On feature for all integrated modules
  • A dashboard consisting of different widgets based on other S4A  modules and a search facility
  • Full configurability of widgets to suit the preferences of each user
S4A Smart CORE is the administration module and includes following components:
  • User & Role Management (managing system access rights)
  • System Configuration (changing main system parameters)
  • Audit Trail (advanced logs viewer)
  • Flight Selectors (flight grouping management)
  • Aircraft & Navigational Database (common repository of all aircraft and navigational data)
S4A Smart SIS (Station Information System) is a convenient application that retains all information related to stations, such as: addresses, names, departments, contact details and curfew hours, in one place. The number and type of information may be easily customized and organized by an airline itself through adjustable, dynamic templates.

Added value services

Systems provided by Smart4Aviation can be installed in a customer’s environment or offered in Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Combined with flexible payment as well as wide range of sizing and deployment options Smart4Aviaiton can now offer complete IT solution to airline of any size and budget.
Smart4Aviation provides a wide range of IT services which allow airline to focus on their core business. S4A can develop system from the scratch based on the specific requirements, supervise of entire airline IT processes, manage integration between 3rd party systems, provide full hosting services or outsource dedicated IT engineers.
Depending on the customer system architecture and exact requirements Smart4Aviation provides a wide range of support services that range from full and complete support to an a la carte selection of support services.
Smart4Aviation offers both functional and technical training for our products. Our trainees have many years of mixed aviation and IT experience. Both models: in-place and online trainings are available.

Used by thousands for milions

S4A Smart PORTAL provides IT assistance to major airlines across the globe from Alaska to Australia.

Major Airlines
Flights per month
Crew Members
tons loaded weekly
BPs retrieved monthly
WX messages handled daily
in MET

Benefits of using S4A Solutions

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Operational Awareness
  • Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures
  • Reduced Flight Disruption Risk
  • Cost Savings With “Self-Service”- Mobile Approach
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Management By User-Defined Exception Rules
  • Improves Cross-Departmental Communications & Operational Complexity
  • Less Errors Due To Automation
The implementation of SmartLOAD and accompanying process changes has allowed Alaska and Horizon to automate the vast majority of the load planning process. The most tangible benefits have been the productivity improvements made possible by automation. At Horizon Air, load plans and load closeouts are automatically generated by SmartLOAD for the vast majority of flights. Alaska Airlines has had similar results, although complex multileg flights have more load agent touch time. Increased standardization of processes and reducing manual data entry has also driven a reduction in the number of loading errors.

— Brian Watson, Manager Weight & Balance at Alaska Airlines
After a very extensive analysis, benchmark and negotiation phases, our choise was definitively oriented to Smart SUITE software. With this long term investment and partnership together with S4A, we strongly believe that this will enable us to get a flexible and efficient solution to our very ambitious Flight Assistance Reengineering (FAR) Project.

— Francis Isidoro, VP Information Management at Air France
To bring the new flight optimisation engine to life, Qantas formed partnerships with aeronautical information management company Frequentis and aviation software and application specialist Smart4Aviation.
The resulting flight planning platform, known as Constellation, was first deployed on the long-haul fleet in 2018 and has been in use across the combined fleet since mid-2019.
At the World ATM Congress in 2019, Qantas, Frequentis and Smart4Aviation won the Jane’s Technology Award for their development of Constellation and “enabling flight efficiency and fuel savings.

- Mike Riegler, Manager Business Innovation & Support Flight Operations Systems, Qantas Airways Limited

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