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Advanced flight-tracking and situational awareness solution, providing alerting, tracking, monitoring
and analysis of events that can threaten to disrupt flight operations.

Real-time visualization and monitoring of airline’s fleet

Integration with ATC provides users with the dynamic graphical progress representation of flights and planned routes, all presented on an interactive map.
Aeronautical, geographical and weather data layers as well as organization tools are built into the product, making it an ideal solution for both flight dispatch and management users.


Are you ready for the new ICAO-GADSS regulations? We are!

  • ADS-B interface to receive aircraft position from any ASDI data providers
  • ADS-C interface to receive ACARS position report in case of lack of ADSI data
  • Visual airplane alerts (lack of position report, deviation from planned route, etc.)
  • Regular In-flight position updates
  • Configurable alerts & notifications
  • Integrates flight data from multiple sources

Weather and NOTAMs


S4A Smart VIEW+ provides real time alerts and advises when specific thresholds are exceeded. The module significantly increases situational awareness and enables users to immediately and proactively respond to any potential disruptions. 

Tight integration with Smart MET and Smart NOTAM MANAGER allows the display of NOTAMs, highlighting of predefined keywords and preview significant Weather.

Configurable view

Easy access to flight related information and overlay objects:
  • Airports
  • Runways
  • Airspaces (FIR/UIR and special use areas)
  • Airways/routes
  • Waypoints
  • Navigation aids
  • Alerts
  • Airways/routes
  • ETOPS information 
  • Weather (METAR, TAF, SIGMET, AIRMET, radar, satellite, volcanic ash, etc.)

Additional features

Apart of its key features, S4A Smart VIEW+ offers following possibilities:
  • Satellite image background with advanced scaling options
  • 3D view of the world
  • Easy integration with external WX data providers

Key Features

  • Flight tracking (ACARS position reports using ADSB/C and ASDI data), including other airlines
  • Full situational awareness aligned with ICAO GADSS recommendations
  • Easy access to flight related information and overlay objects: Airports, Runways, Approach aids, Airport facilities information, Navigation aids, Flight status (airborne, taxi, diverting, emergency, holding, etc.) Alerts, Airspace (FIR/UIR, Alert, Danger Military, etc.), Airways/routes, Timezones, Weather, ETOPS information (circles, rules, entry/exit/critical points, etc.), Fuel status information, oceanic tracks 
  • Different background maps available (including 3D earth view)
  • Improved operations decision support 
  • Integration with different 3rd party Weather providers (METAR, TAF, SIGMET, AIRMET, SigWX, UAD, Icing, Satellite, Radar weather, volcanic ash, Aviation Cloud Ceiling, Cloudto-Cloud Lightning, Dew Point, Global Turbulence, etc.)
  • Visual airplane alerts (lack of position report, deviation from planned route, etc.)
  • Weather and NOTAMs alerting 
  • Ability to create and alert on custom defined areas
  • Useful toolbars, distance calculator, labels and floating detail windows
  • Access to all other operational data including: Crew/passenger information, Flight plan, MELs
  • Integration with other Smart4Aviation products

S4A Smart VIEW+ Components


State of Alert and Ability to React Early in Case of Any Unpredicted events

Awarenes of flight events in real time using state-of-the-art visualization technology

Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Improved Operational Awareness

Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay

Information Available For Pro-active Decision Making

Alerts delivered on-time as they occur allowing for early reaction in the case of any unpredicted events


S4A Smart VIEW+ can be accessed from any web browser.

Web Browser

Operational Panel

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