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S4A Smart PERFORMANCE is a powerful solution for managing
and performing take-off and landing computations.

Calculations via website or ACARS

S4A Smart PERFROMANCE can be accessed from any web browser or through cockpit ACARS requests, using the same computation engine, airport data and providing the same performance level.

State-of-the-art automation

The system leverages state-of-the-art automation in order to increase efficiency and reduce workload. It can store and process huge amounts of data, from airport/ runway/obstacle information to fleet and aircraft properties, performance options and validation rules. It is improved safety and reduced risk of error resulting from on-the-fly data validation.

Optimization of Take-off and Landing performance

The system fully optimizes the performance limited take-off weight and/or increases the maximum achievable thrust reduction, using the manufactures delivered data, based on the actual ambient conditions. Landing calculations for as well the flight dispatch phase as the in-flight phase can be calculated for both pilots and flight dispatchers. For take-off and landing calculations, all MEL constraints can be automatically integrated.

Maximum Control for Engineers

Performance and flight operations engineers can enjoy full control of the underlying parameters; setting up aircraft and aircraft sub-fleets, selecting performance options according to company policies, editing airports and runways, testing various configurations. 
Built-in tools such as Obstacle Wizard, Runway Construction Wizard, Performance Impact Tool and Pavement Strength Analysis Tool make it easy to maintain runway data and conduct engineering validation studies.

Less Workload

The integration and automation of multi-point computation saves valuable time that can be spent on other activities which aim to enhance efficiency and safety.

Key Features

  • Take-off and landing computations based on manufacturers’ SCAP modules (multi- and single point computations)
  • Interfaces with OEM 
  • Highly effective and available computational tools
  • Thrust optimization capabilities for extended engine-life
  • Integration with real-time Weather and MEL information
  • Landing WAT and required distance calculation
  • Advanced Aircraft and Airport database management features
  • Support for all major aircraft types 
  • Transaction archive with query and export functions
  • Highly effective and efficient computational tools tailored to user-specific needs
  • Access to the system through cockpit ACARS requests, using the same computation engine and providing the same performance level as the ground-based system
  • Integrated with S4A Smart LOAD for improved calculations using the actual take-off weight and CG position
  • Integration with S4A Smart COMM and all other Smart4Aviation products

S4A Smart PERFORMANCE Components


Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Improved Aircraft Performance

efficient use of aircraft through optimum of a single-point takeoff and landing performance data and calculations

Support Individual Airline Policies & Procedures

The flexible and customizable rules within the system allows establishment of individual policies & procedures

Reduced Flight Disruption Risk

Providing pilots and ground personnel with up-to-date inflight and on-route information

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Increased regulatory compliance
& improved safety

Error Reduction Due To Automation

Increase regulatory compliance & safety of operation


S4A Smart PERFROMANCE can be accessed from any web browser
or through cockpit ACARS requests.

Web Browser

Operational Panel

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