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Application providing flight information (operational times, gate
data, rotation, carrier-specific data) for airport groups and operations.

Source of flight information for everyone

The application serves as a reliable source of flight information for airline and external subscribers.


Worldwide access to flight information

Airport and flight information can be easily managed and monitored using S4A Smart HUB. The application serves as a reliable source of flight information for external subscribers. With its intuitive, user-friendly web interface, S4A Smart HUB offers a powerful feature set for performing many advanced actions such as, for example, sophisticated flight list filtering. An additional, communication-related benefit of our product is maintaining bulletin services for stations and employees.

Integrated product

S4A Smart HUB can exchange and/or share data with Smart4Aviation’s other products. A shared user interface concept and detailed help information can also prove convenient for users new to S4A Smart HUB, but familiar with our other modules. The system can co-operate with a wide range of external systems, both those developed by Smart4Aviation and by third parties, providing system flexibility which is nowadays a key feature.

Key Features

  • Worldwide access to flight information
  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • User access levels for maximum security
  • Secure, yet convenient user’s group system
  • Airport information management
  • Automatic and manual flight creation and updates
  • Automated flight information assignment
  • Support for flights performed by multiple carriers
  • Co-operation with other systems via external interfaces
  • Gate, zone and terminal information
  • Turn time information
  • Station operational and employee bulletins
  • Full keyboard control
  • Flexible configuration
  • Advanced user and user profile management with sophisticated access list control
  • Professional cluster solution using J2EE technology
  • Ramp staff assignment
  • Graphical gate and aircraft tow view


Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Improved Operational Awareness

Critical information is entered and delivered in real-time and without delay

Improved Customer Service

Critical information delivered real-time and without delay - flight delays, passage connects, special services, etc.

Fast & Reliable Source of Information for Third-Party Systems

Integration with third party airport FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems)


S4A Smart HUB can be accessed from any web browser.

Web Browser

Operational Panel

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