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Our advanced and unique notification and alerting system.

Efficient communication ensures efficient operations

Our S4A Smart COMM application represents a major advance in streamlining
and improving airline communication processes.

A better way to communicate

Flight Dispatch, Operations Control, Weight and Balance, Maintenance, Pilots, Aircraft Routing Crew Scheduling Airport Operations, Airport Services, Passenger Services and 3rd Party Partners and Contractors can now collaborate on operational problems and situations, using a common platform.
S4A Smart COMM cannot replace human input for various position accountabilities, but it is a solution that allows the individual to focus on more critical aspects of their jobs, and permit the technical and interface-related issues be solved by the professionals at Smart4Aviation.


Over 70 types of alerts can be established to warn of any operational conditions, providing users with a comprehensive view of the operation in real time.

Airline can precisely customize types of alert and conditions for each user group to make sure no user is disturbed by irrelevant information.

Regardless of an individual’s role in the airline, with S4A Smart COMM alerts can be established to warn of any operational conditions, providing users with a comprehensive view of the operation in real time. Key examples of events for ground and station personnel are flight cancellations, aircraft changes and delays; for staff concerned with flight watch, alerts such as en-route turbulence and altitude variance can be established. Pilots can be informed via ACARS about changing weather or aerodrome conditions. One can precisely customize types of alerts and conditions for each user group to make sure no user is disturbed by irrelevant information. S4A Smart COMM is equipped with a powerful and intuitive assignment builder tool for managing and maintaining the system functions, access rights and alert routing capabilities. With S4A Smart COMM, you give your airport, maintenance, departure control, SOC, STOC, operations or back office users a single tool for complete operational awareness.

Just one-click of a mouse

Built in OPS module provides a complete “day of” schedule and fleet management solution displaying real-time flight, aircraft, and schedule operations information (flight status, operational times, briefing package, MELs, messages, alerts, etc.) through an interactive Gantt bar display. All operations relevant flight details are available with just one-click of a mouse.

Effective filtering of information

Too much information can be as big a problem as too little. S4A Smart COMM filters information basing on staff responsibilities and operations. Only business role relevant alerts or messages are delivered to users, sieving out unwanted or irrelevant information. Business roles, assignments and alerting rules are fully customizable for all airline business units and departments, allowing employees to focus on whatever falls within their scope.

Check the Air Canada Case Study

Please read the case study written by Douglas Bernie (Manager, Airline Operations IT at Air Canada) and check how Air Canada improved communitation by using S4A Smart COMM.

Click here ...

Case Study was published on Aircraft IT magazine in Autumn 2012.

S4A Smart COMM Mobile

This powerful mobile application is an extension to our remarkable S4A Smart COMM solution, offering the same messaging and alerting capabilities. 

As a component of S4A Smart MOBILE, S4A Smart COMM Mobile was initially designed for Cockpit and Cabin Crews, however when combined with other Smart4Aviation mobile solutions, it can fully support many other operational roles, providing the ultimate mobile communication and information tool available.
  • Aggregates all types of messages from various sources in one place
  • Allows to display messages only of certain type
  • Allows to send various types of messages (e-mail, COMM) to multiple users
  • Enables to set priority for each message
  • Integrates with user’s company mailbox
  • Provides access to company address book 
  • Quick contact to crew members or other related employees (when integrated with Smart CREW INFO)
  • Displays alerts
  • Contains search engine for easy access to messages and contacts

S4A Smart COMM Components

Key Features

  • Real-time on-screen messaging and alerting
  • Peer to Peer communication
  • Two-way ACARS messaging
  • Automatic ACARS uplink and downlink transactions
  • Rule-based alerting (weather, NOTAM, ACARS, load, fuel, operational events, MELs and much more)
  • Fuzzy logic message addressing
  • Real-time flight monitoring of turbulence, winds and altitude variance
  • Tight integration with other Smart4Aviation products
  • WX/NOTAM change alerts sent via ACARS
  • Archiving of all important communication events and operational messages
  • Detailed history of events 
  • Precise configuration of who receives which alerts and when
  • Extendable platform for all airline-specific information alerting
  • Customizable alerting rules and workloads
  • ACARS initialization
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Worldwide web based secure access to application


Reduced Flight Disruption Risk

Providing pilots and ground personnel with up-to-date inflight and on-route information

Increased Productivity

The right information being delivered to the right person at the right time

Flight Safety Reduced Risk

Immediate alerting of hazards and events affecting safety of flight

Significant Reduction In Operational Costs

Immediate visibility to all flight operational & disruption information

Increased Utilization of Manpower and Aircraft

Through advanced communication and automation for improved optimization of all flight related activities

Improved Operational Efficiency

Improved collaboration on operational problems

Improves Cross-Departmental Communications & Operational Complexity

The right information being delivered to the right person or aircraft at the right time allowing for response and reaction

Improved Recover From Irregularities & Unpredicted Situations

Immediate and effective response to all related irregular operations

Information Available For Pro-active Decision Making

Alerts delivered on-time as they occur allowing for early reaction in the case of any unpredicted events

Management By User-Defined Exception Rules

Alerts and rules are fully customizable based upon company policies & standards

Ability To Exchange Real-Time Information Among All Airline Branches

Improve organizational and aircraft communication through electronic data exchange

Cost Savings With “Self-Service”- Mobile Approach

Critical information entered real-time at the source


S4A Smart COMM can be accessed from any web browser
or provided as dedicated mobile application.

Web Browser

Operational Panel


iPad App

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