Our Partners

In our continuous drive towards excellence, we deeply appreciate the cooperation with our long-lasting and reliable partners.

Our Partners


DTN is the independent, trusted source of actionable insights for 600,000 customers focused on feeding, protecting and fueling the world. Customer-centric and employee-driven, DTN focuses on empowering agriculture, oil & gas, trading, and weather-sensitive industries through continuous, leading-edge innovation. The company produces The Progressive Farmer magazine, the premier publication in Agriculture. 

DTN has been recognized by ForecastWatch as the industry-leader for forecast accuracy for 10 years running. The company aims to continually innovate and advance its top-rated weather and turbulence forecasts. Partnering with Smart4Aviation establishes a new generation of product and service delivery. Together, we offer industry leading flight operations software solutions designed for providing and communicating accurate weather information necessary when making critical operational and business decisions.

For further information, visit the IATA international website: www.dtn.com/

Our Partners

Applied Aeronautical Systems Inc. (AASI)

AASI specializes in flight path optimization based on state-of-the-art Cost Index technology. We provide affordable, stand-alone and easy-to-use software that enables users to identify optimal altitude and speed profiles without the need for expensive Cost Index capable FMS systems.

Customers include civilian and military operators of aircraft ranging from corporate jets to large military transports.

For further information, visit the AASI website at www.aasi.com or e-mail at info@aasi.com
Our Partners


MeteoGroup is a global private weather business with offices around the world.  Founded in 1986, we combine experience and global coverage with local expertise to offer our customers highly accurate and bespoke weather services.

For further information, visit the MeteoGroup website at www.meteogroup.com.
Our Partners


Eurocontrol is the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation. Founded in 1963, it is an international organisation working for seamless, pan-European air traffic management. Eurocontrol is a civil organization and currently has 38 member states; its headquarters are in Brussels.

Smart4Aviation has received the permission to work with EAD. EAD (The European Aeronautical Information Services Database) is a single, centralized repository of aeronautical information. The information is offered to the airlines as a service. This way we enabled Smart SUITE to handle data from EAD INO, e.g. being able to handle Notam data.

For further information, visit the Eurocontrol website at www.eurocontrol.int or e-mail at infocentre@eurocontrol.int
Our Partners

Met Office

The Met Office is the United Kingdom's national weather service, and a trading fund of the Ministry of Defence. As a headquarter the Met Office chose Exeter in Devon. The Met Office provides multiple kind of weather forecast for numerous recipients.

As weather and climate experts it:
- predict the weather for tomorrow, next week, next season and beyond;
- is a significant contributor to the global understanding of climate change;
- is leading researchers of weather science;
- help keep roads open and planes flying.

Smart4Aviation has been provided the compliancy statement relating to the consultancy work carried out by the Met Office to evaluate the operational efficiency of BUFR visualization software.

For further information, visit the Met Office website at www.metoffice.gov.uk or e-mail at enquiries@metoffice.gov.uk