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Posted: November 30, 2020,  in News

Smart4Aviation Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

"Coming together is a beginning;

keeping together is progress;

working together is success."

We are eternally grateful to our customers, partners, workers and employees for making our company to what it is today. It is only when we continue to listen carefully to each of these stakeholders, and innovating by harnessing the power of technology that we have become successful over time. This has not been without some bumps along the way, but after every release, every deployment, every support incident, our solutions and our services have become improved to where we are today. Smart4Aviation’s success is not just our success; it is everyone’s success since we help each other to improve the world of aviation and IT through a successful marriage of the two.

Ten years ago, whilst writing the first lines of code for the Smart Suite products, we did not have the audacity to dream that our software would not only comply with the most stringent requirements but exceed the needs of our customers and partners and change the industry for the better. Our attention to each customer's business needs, as well as the outstanding flexibility of our solutions, has created a brand that has set new trends in the field of communication and ground operations across the globe. With our current solutions - highly interoperable products supported by a wide range of support and hosting services - Smart4Aviation is a crucial IT technology partner to airlines like Air Canada, Qantas, Alaska Airlines, Air France, Emirates, Iberia, and easyJet, among others.

Celebrating a decade of success has further inspired Smart4Aviation to pick up the pace. Together with the Australian national airline Qantas, and Austrian-based navigational data provider Frequentis, Smart4Aviation has introduced a Next-Generation Flight Planning system. This revolutionary solution optimizes and identifies the best possible flight plan based on dynamic Flight Planning, reactive to real weather, aviation, and geographical data in the real-time flight environment. We refashioned the logic of contemporary flight planning, bringing realized savings to both flight time and operational costs. This solution took first place at the Air Traffic Management Congress in Madrid as the most innovative technologies of the year 2019, winning a prestigious IHS Jane’s ATC Award for an Innovative Route Optimizing Flight Planning Platform.
Our success in Flight Planning has certainly not overshadowed the continued development of our mainstay of exceptional products. Our exception-based Load Planning, Management, and Weight &Balance application Smart LOAD has continued to generate accolades and praise within the industry. Currently, we are deploying this solution at three other prominent airlines, they are itching to get it up and running to give them an edge.

Thanks to our continued ongoing investments in our mobile solutions, our Smart MOBILE product is excelling and the unique features are becoming a must-have to not only Pilots and Flight Attendants but it is finding its way into the hands of all operational people. Just ask one of the over 10 000 users who use it daily.

We are also especially proud of Smart COMM. A revolutionary product well ahead of the pack by allowing instantaneous communication and alerting of all events, but filtered by your specific role and tailored to your preferences. In other words, you only get the information that you need to manage your tasks and are not cluttered with superfluous data. There will be no more filtering thru dozens of emails and active queues to find the information relevant to you. With Smart COMM, it magically appears when you need it. The right information, sent to the right person at the right time!

And did we tell you that all of our solutions will fully integrate with any of your current operation tools? Our in-house technology wizards have created hundreds of interfaces to both standard and exotic applications to ensure seamless data flow. We allow the technology to do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your core business.
From the technical side, we have been tinkering away at introduced a new, vastly more efficient way of running our solutions on Cloud Solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our SaaS solution offers complete peace of mind to our customers, enabling them to focus on what is truly important. Combined with flexible payments and a range of sizing and deployment options, Smart4Aviaiton can now offer a complete IT solution to airlines of any size and budget. As a part of this effort, in addition to the industry-standard Oracle database, we can now offer PostgreSQL DB on our SaaS platform. This lowers the financial threshold considerably, allowing our solutions to be deployed without the barrier of huge capital expenditure. What are you waiting for?

We see many more successes in the next 10 years and hope we can share them with you – so when you are ready to take a peek into the future, reach out to us and we will show you how we can change your world.

Together, we make amazing things happen!
Posted: March 22, 2020,  in News

Qantas case study - Building innovative route optimizing flight planning platform

Please take a look at the Qantas case study article published in the latest AircraftIT eJournal written by Qantas' Mike Riegler about the flight planning system we have developed jointly.

We are extremely happy and proud that Qantas has been using it for more than a year now to compute the most optimal flight route for their daily operations. The system was also used to calculate the longest routes for Qantas' project Sunrise, the longest flight ever in the world to date.

It has been and continues to be a tremendous honor to work collaboratively with our partners Qantas and Frequentis. In the very dynamic industry we operate in, we are ready for new challenges to push the envelope and bring people and technology into balance and harmony!
Posted: April 24, 2019,  in News

Smart4Aviation’s EFB application certified for Inmarsat’s SB-S platform

24 April 2019: Inmarsat, the world leader in global mobile satellite communications, has certified Smart4Aviation’s Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) application, Smart MOBILE, for use on its award-winning SB-S digital aircraft operations platform.

Smart MOBILE is a unique solution that allows pilots, cabin crew and other airline employees to access, complete and submit documentation quickly and efficiently on their mobile devices via a single portal, helping to increase productivity, operational awareness and efficiency. It also enables peer-to-peer communication, ACARS messaging and provides instant access to briefing packages and important flight-related information, such as up-to-date weather reports and potential load, fuel and hazard alerts.

The application can be tailored to match each airline customer’s exact requirements to deliver tangible cost savings. Benefits include a reduction in the frequency and duration of flight delays, together with improvements to on-time performance. In addition, increased automation and real-time information translates to a reduction in workload, resulting in less bottlenecks for both flight and cabin crew.

Smart MOBILE is the latest in a range of value-added operational and safety applications to be certified via Inmarsat’s Aviation Certified Application Provider (CAP) Programme for SB-S. Other available applications include flight profile optimisation, weather information, digital navigation charts, and aircraft diagnostics and performance monitoring.

Mike Lewis, CEO of Smart4Aviation, said: “We are excited about this partnership, as it allows us to take another major step forward and enhance our products within a connected aircraft environment. Inmarsat is a leading provider of satellite communications solutions to airlines, operators and passengers worldwide, keeping people and systems connected at thousands of feet in the air. Together, we will be able to provide real time situational awareness to flight crew during all flight phases. These benefits will result in more efficient decision making, leading to less disruption resulting in increased cost savings and enhanced flight safety. Together with our new partner, we are ready for the future.

John Broughton, Senior Vice President of Aircraft Operations and Safety, Inmarsat Aviation, said: “Smart4Aviation is a global industry-leader in proving best-in-class EFB technology to airlines. With the launch of Smart MOBILE on Inmarsat’s SB-S, we look forward to bringing Smart4Aviation’s innovative solutions to our commercial airline customers, driving operational efficiency and enhancing safety with a cost-effective, tailored offering.

The SB-S digital aircraft operations platform is powered by Inmarsat’s advanced global L-band satellite constellation, which has underpinned safety services for 40 years. Inmarsat is scheduled to launch two additional L-band payloads in 2020 and 2021, further cementing its long-term commitment to offering highly reliable services over this spectrum.
Posted: March 25, 2019,  in News

S4A Smart MOBILE - Webinar on demand

The Webinar is a unique opportunity to see Smart MOBILE application designed for Pilots and Cabin Crew, and available on all devices.

The Webinar begins with Smart4Aviation experts providing an overview of their industry leading suite of Flight Operations software solutions before a detailed look at each of the six EFB Apps. As you will see each App can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated within an existing EFB platform, and is delivered with advanced and extensive web-based configuration systems and administration panels, plus delivers dedicated functionality for the Crew.

S4A Smart MOBILE Components:

  • BRIEF (Pilot Briefing & Navlog)
  • BRIEF CABIN (Cabin Crew Briefing)
  • CREW INFO (Calendar & Roster)
  • DOC (Operations Manuals)
  • eFORMS (Electronic Forms)
  • COMM (Communication & Alerting)

Webinar Agenda:

  • Smart4Aviation Company and Products Overview - 10 min
  • Introduction to Smart MOBILE – 10 min
  • Smart MOBILE product demonstration – 30 min
  • Q&A session – 10 min

Posted: March 11, 2019,  in News

Annual ATC awards 2019 recognise Smart4Aviation, Qantas and Frequentis for enabling flight efficiency and fuel savings

The annual IHS Jane’s ATC awards 2019 took place again at World ATM Congress in Madrid to reward companies and projects across six categories for their work over the previous 12 months. Australian airline Qantas developed a flight planning platform jointly with Frequentis, Smart4Aviation and the University of Sydney, to enable efficiency and fuel savings, winning this year’s Technology award.
Left to right: Ben Vogel – Janes IHS Markit, Mike Riegler – Qantas, Maciej Migacz – Smart4Aviation, Francesco
Saraceni and Catalin Roman – Frequentis, Shane Harney – smart4Aviation, Geoff Bell – Qantas, Dirk Whitake –
Frequentis. Photograhy: Patrick Allen – HIS Markit

The Qantas flight planning platform (Constellation) can ingest rich data sets from external sources, allowing it to continually assess and adjust its flight paths while en-route, providing for the flexibility to fit with flow constraints, reduce fuel consumption and emissions and increase safety.

Developing a flight optimisation platform was a vision of Qantas for some time. For Constellation to win this award is a significant achievement that shines a spotlight on what is now an operational reality. Together with Frequentis, Smart4Aviation and University of Sydney we have created a flight planning platform that combines best of breed products and latest data standards with cutting edge algorithmic techniques to enable flight planning optimization benefits across the Qantas network.” says Mike Riegler, Manager Innovation and Support, Qantas Flight Operations Systems.

Frequentis provided smartDM, part of the Frequentis integrated smartAIM/CADAS portfolio, which allows Qantas to ingest global aeronautical data including digital NOTAM. The solution also allows Qantas to manage a layer of company navigation data that supports the flight planning engine to optimize within approved company constraints such as company routes and freeflight airspace. Based on this data, flight planning and flight plan optimisation is performed resulting in increased safety through accurate navigation data constraint modelling, better fuel prediction and significant business process improvements.
We are pleased to be supporting an airline with its goals for route optimisation and fully support Qantas with their next challenge to open direct flights, Sydney to London and Sydney to New York by 2022. Capacity concerns are challenging the industry across the globe. By working together on innovative approaches for collecting dynamic data, and utilising it while en-route, enables Qantas to respond positively to the capacity challenge.”, says Dirk Withake, Frequentis Vice President Aeronautical Information Management.

Smart4Aviation’s main contribution to the partnership was comprised of a rich and fully featured flight planning application and user experience, seamlessly integrated with the Qantas’ proprietary flight optimisation engine and Frequentis’ AIXM 5.1 and ARINC 424 nav data management solution. Experts in integration, Smart4Aviation connected over 30 different operational systems reducing the amount of backend effort required to manage a system of this complexity. Another Smart4Aviation key contribution, was our the Airport Suitability module which analyses airports and airspace for operational status permitting the generation of highly accurate and fully compliant automated flight plans.

Moreover, Smart4Aviation has integrated its acclaimed Smart BRIEF, Smart NOTAM MANAGER, Smart MET, Smart COMM, and Smart VIEW+ solutions with other Qantas applications, thereby feeding the engine an enormous amount of valuable and timely operational data while creating a second to none overall operational experience.

The development of this system has been a tireless effort engaging teams of more than 100 professionals from Qantas, Frequentis and Smart4Aviation. The success of the project and the achievement of this milestone is a proud moment in not just the success of the system itself but in success of our partnership.”, says Mike Lewis, Smart4Aviation CEO.
Qantas embarked on a project to replace its aging mainframe-based flight planning system in 2013 by engaging the University of Sydney to research and prototype an innovative path optimiser using Probabilistic Road Map (PRM) techniques. Qantas then engaged leading aviation software providers Frequentis and Smart4Aviation to provide the remaining components of the platform and migrate to a cloud environment. A key requirement was support for automation and future proofing through adoption of standards such as AIXM 5.

The annual IHS Janes ATC awards allow companies the opportunity to nominate innovative, field-proven technologies and projects, which are then reviewed by an experienced panel of industry experts. The technology award reflects significant contributions by equipment and systems suppliers.
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