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Posted: May 5, 2021,  in Press Releases & Articles

Emirates has extended its agreement with Smart4Aviation

We are delighted to announce that our long-term partner Emirates has extended its agreement with Smart4Aviation for our industry-leading flight crew briefing and mobile applications. We are very excited to continue the work we have been doing with Emirates and will support the airline with their operations in the future.

Read more about Smart MOBILE and Smart BRIEF.
Posted: May 4, 2021,  in Press Releases & Articles

Jazz uses Smart LOAD

We are delighted to announce that from May 2021, the Canadian regional airline Jazz will begin using our exception-based weight & balance and load planning solution – Smart LOAD.
Jazz will be the second regional airline (together with Horizon Air) that will benefit from our W&B application. Other Smart LOAD customers include Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Iberia, Cebu Pacific, and Martinair.

Read more about Smart LOAD.
Posted: October 23, 2020,  in Press Releases & Articles

Iberia welcome onboard!

In these special times of hardship and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, we are pleased to announce our new customer in Europe – Iberia Airlines (part of the IAG Group). At the signature of the contract with Smart4Aviation in April 2020, Iberia Airlines confirmed the key role of Smart4Aviation solutions in rejuvenating and enhancing its daily operations. Besides Iberia mainline, the solution will be used by Iberia Airport Services to perform load planning functions for their Station Customers.
Iberia’s large-scale project is dedicated to automation and digitalization of its operations proved to address a vast number of needs generated by its Weight & Balance services. Significant volume indicators, as well as ever-growing system demand and operating stations, called for a complex, yet easy-to-handle W&B solution which will help maximize efficiency and simplify their operational processes.
After extensive research, such solution proved to be within the portfolio of Smart4Aviation products, a best industry-proven module called S4A Smart LOAD. This exception-based, visual load planning system offers not only fully paperless and automated processes but also ensures full transparency of the performed operations, allowing the user to collect and utilize previous W&B experiences to the benefit of future operational activities. The system fully automates and optimizes the load planning activity, engaging agents only when loading irregularities occur or exceptional corporate policy decisions are to be made. This unprecedented level of automation allows for significant productivity gains and training savings without ever losing sight of safety without compromise. S4A Smart LOAD’s advanced algorithms can also return significant fuel savings through the improved center of gravity calculations. All this done in a centralized or de-centralized environment and facilitated by peer-to-peer communication through role-assigned messages and enriched by RLST extension for mobile phones based on the PWA technology.
As a part of the complete Weight & Balance solution, Iberia will also use Smart4Aviation’s advanced notification and alerting system - Smart COMM, allowing easy exchange between operating units in collaborating and sharing the latest update information throughout the life of a flight. This represents a significant advance in streamlining and improving airline communications and decision making by presenting relevant, key information and data to all operational stakeholders ensuring a safe and on-time performance.

The complete solution will be installed in AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure fully managed by Smart4Aviation in Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Smart4Aviation solutions will bring new quality to Iberia’s daily operations and for this, we are proud to welcome Iberia Airlines into the Smart4Aviation family!

Posted: January 25, 2019,  in Press Releases & Articles

Introduction to S4A's Flight Planning System developed together with Qantas

On the surface, it seemed to be just another long haul flight, but for Qantas and Smart4Aviation it was anything but routine.
This “routine” flight was the first live flight test of what is anticipated to be the most sophisticated and efficient flight planning system available in the industry.

"This is the start of something really big", stated Qantas Program Manager - Geoff Bell; as he outlined how the event is a landmark achievement for Qantas, marking the final stages of a multi-year, multi-vendor project.

Qantas and Smart4Aviation have partnered on a ground breaking, state of the art flight planning system designed to provide strategic operational and commercial advantages that only a best of breed planning system can deliver”, explained Smart4Aviation CEO Michael Lewis. The planning efficiencies and resulting savings generated by this new system are particularly relevant against the backdrop of the current aviation environment of rising fuel and operating costs.

Underpinning the system is arguably the most advanced optimizer fielded in the aviation industry today. Using an advanced probabilistic roadmap algorithm, the optimizer was developed as a Qantas and Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) joint project.

Deployment of the system throughout the Qantas operation will be done on a fleet by fleet basis, focusing initially on wide-body aircraft. This first phase concentrates on achieving initial projected cost savings while subsequent phases will increase automation and target further operational efficiencies and savings.

Qantas expect the new flight planning system to deliver on all cost savings targets, meeting all objectives.

"To be a technology and innovation leader in flight planning is not something that is easily done", explained Smart4Aviation CEO Lewis. "However, this is exactly the goal we have undertaken with our Qantas partners."

From project inception, Qantas and Smart4Aviation agreed the goal of this next generation flight planning system was to create a single, common platform to integrate operational and business decisions to gain maximum efficiency, predictability and flexibility in flight operations, without ever compromising safety. Automation is key and central to the design strategy.
Dispatchers will simply be providing guidance to the system, and reacting to exception based alerts. This approach allows operations staff to focus on higher value tasks and for targeting increased efficiency and the ability to focus on planning the safest, legal and most cost effective way to transport the optimum amount of payload between two points. Even more importantly, the system allows for an unswerving commitment to safety and efficient flight operations

Data management and data exchange with other stakeholders in the flight planning process is also a core feature of this next generation flight planning system design. As Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) matures, carriers will need a platform to successfully collaborate with these external stakeholders in a bi-directional manner. Examples include: anticipated airport acceptance and arrival rates, parameters for ground delays as well airline cancellations, revised schedules and routes, trajectory optimizations for traffic patterns, etc.

To support this sharing of data, the system currently provides extensive AIXM and WIXM support. FIXM support will be a future implementation, together with support for such concepts as Target Arrival Time together with ATM and CDM integration.

The Probabilistic Road Map (PRM) optimizer - the “engine” of the system - itself state of the art, was developed as a Qantas and Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR) joint project. The fully compliant AIXM navigational database is sourced from Frequentis.

Following additional Smart4Aviation applications round out the overall operational solution:

Smart4Aviation would be more than happy to organize a dedicated presentation for your airline about our Flight Planning Solution, other S4A’s Solutions, and our development plans for the future. Please contact us through or through our contact information at

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Posted: April 5, 2018,  in Press Releases & Articles

S4A’s Flight Tracking solution S4A Smart VIEW+ purchased by Air Austral

Smart4Aviation, the leading provider of innovative software solutions for airline operations is pleased to welcome Air Austral as our latest partner to join our growing portfolio of international airlines. Headquartered in the beautiful Reunion Islands, Air Austral has selected S4A’s unique Smart VIEW+ flight tracking and monitoring solution for enhanced flight operational support.

The newly acquired S4A Smart VIEW+ product will not only further enhance Air Austral’s portfolio of current S4A solutions (Briefing Solutions for Pilots) but will also significantly increase the air carriers operational awareness and daily performance. S4A Smart VIEW+ is designed to combine real-time flight visualization and aircraft situational awareness by employing interactive maps and intuitive characteristics of displaying both aeronautical and geographical information tailored for providing a comprehensive operational Flight Watch.

Thanks to S4A’s partnership with FlightRadar 24, Air Austral will receive ADS-B aircraft tracking data from Flightradar 24's world-leading terrestrial receiver network. Furthermore, S4A provides ADS-C integration to retrieve data from ACARS position reporting which ensures complete flight following coverage of each flight in the S4A Smart VIEW+ system.

S4A can also integrate with 3rd party weather data providers making this product a solution of choice for all airlines providing the most accurate and valid weather data available. Air Austral will receive weather data provided by DTN, one of the industry leaders in the delivery of weather information and supply and connectivity solutions. In addition to basic weather data, the DTN service also enables selected WX layers such as: radar and satellite weather, volcanic ashes, SIGMETs, AIRMETs, icing, lightning and much more.

I would like to express our utmost gratitude to Air Austral for making S4A Smart VIEW+ another solution of choice. For us it is the best confirmation of the good quality and reliability of our products. We are all aware how challenging the Flight Following and Flight Watch can be on a daily basis. Smart4Aviation aims to not only meet, but also exceed the airline expectations related with the smooth and effortless operation of such monitoring platforms. We are sure S4A Smart VIEW+ will make this process much easier also for Air Austral”, said Mike Lewis, President and CEO of Smart4Aviation.

"Air Austral keeps working in collaboration with Smart4Aviation and has just launched the Smart VIEW+ to ensure our Operational Control Center has the best tools to follow our aircraft fleet in flight.", said Olivier Jay, VP Flight Operations at Air Austral.
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